You have a wonderful story to share with the world, but you have no idea how to begin. No problem. Use DramaticaPro software as your resourceful writing buddy. Dramatica Pro eradicates writer's block. It helps you to create memorable characters. Dramatica Pro can help you plan your plot from beginning to end. DramaticaPro is considered as the best-selling creative writing software that helps writers produce a blockbuster story.

Structure your plot

To plan your story's foundation, simply answer Dramatica's questions pertaining to your characters and plot. This will simplify the numerous possible methods of telling your story, helping you concentrate on the one which best conveys your imagination.

Underscore your story

Dramatica Pro allows you to express your story by prompting and aiding you to write unique samples of your story's most important components: character arc, story goal, plot points, theme, and conflict. Click the mouse-button once, and you can look at how your story's scenes rival examples of history's very best writers.

Create Scenes

Dramatica Pro pulls together every aspect of your story. It is simple to decide how you intend to reveal aspects of character, plot, and theme for your readers. You can insert your examples into specific Acts, Scenes, or Chapters. You may employ this plot outline to write a knockout first draft.

Dramatica Pro is very practical and versatile. You can address stories from any facet of character, theme, plot, or genre.

Dramatica Pro accomplishes what no other computer program can achieve: Depending on answers that you offer to Dramatica's Story Questions, it can explain to you aspects of your story that you failed to tell it. This is crucial when attempting to sort out or wrestle through story difficulties. By addressing questions about your story, Dramatica Pro can reveal how the other areas of your story should blend together.

Dramatica Pro is separate from story content and subject matter. You can use Dramatica Pro for any style, medium, and topic. It is powerful and versatile to help you in writing screenplays, books, stage plays, TV shows and series, not to mention documentaries and other literary interests.

Dramatica Pro is founded on the Dramatica theory of story. It harnesses the knowledge and techniques of numerous common story paradigms, such as the ones from Robert McKee, Chris Vogler, Syd Field, Linda Seger, Michael Hauge, John Truby, Dara Marks, Aristotle and others.

Dramatica Pro is similarly ideal for developing a story as it is for scrutinizing a story. For serious writers, Dramatica Pro is the best software for creating a strong story structure and learning the inner workings of your story.

The StoryGuide directs writers through the method of creating (or examining) a story, step-by-step. The StoryGuide begins with the story's title; it proceeds through creating characters. Next it evolves the plot and themes, and winds up with constructing a "step outline" of the story. The "step outline" has a few levels, with every stage increasing depth to the story's progression.

Structure Templates:
Dramatica Pro is pre-specified with three story design templates: Screenplay, Novel, and Short Story. These templates enhance your writing process right away. It provides you with a collection of character archetypes and common tips to develop a potent outline for your story.

Story Engine: The story engine helps you to framework your story dependent on choices and allow you to critique the results of those decisions on other sections of your story framework automatically.

Character Building:
The "Character Building" screen helps you to establish story attributes to the characters in your story. This function lets you shape the goals and behaviors of your characters, as well as handle your characters' intricacy.

Dramatica Pro delivers over 24 reports that sort out the story elements into exact, to the point prose. Some reports concentrate on character, plot, or theme; other reports display a review of the story's framework and storytelling. The Treatment report displays a beat outline or treatment. You can export this report into Movie Magic Screenwriter or Outline 4D. You could also print or export any report as text.

The Dramatica Desktop
The Dramatica Desktop is a selection of 12 clickable tiles that start the key tools.

StoryGuide: StoryGuide directs you step-by-step in developing your distinct story. Quick Start provides instant feedback, and the Advanced Guide walks you from your story's starting point to its end.

Character Casting: Character Casting allow you to picture your characters by casting them from your selection of more than 500 character designs. You can brand your characters from a database of more than 5,000 distinct names.

Build Characters: Dramatica lets you compose intriguing, genuine and memorable characters that jump off the page and into the hearts and minds of your readers. This screen permits you to specify the relationships between your characters by setting thematic components to character icons. You can examine character interactions and discover how they assist or prevent each other. You can figure out what inspires your characters and how they'll convey the fundamental themes of your story.

Story Engine: Dramatica's Story Engine drops you into the heart of your story, and graphically demonstrates how changing one dramatic ingredient can ripple all the way through your story and affect its structure.

Story Status: The Story Status screen displays alternative ideas for character, plot, and themes that you should address, along with what sequence, to produce a solid, structured story. As you finish each phase of story progression, Dramatica offers visual suggestions on your progress, sticking with you until you have completed your story.

Tutorial & Help: Dramatica offers a comprehensive online tutorial to guide you with developing your story. Dramatica's searchable, indexed Help System offers advice instantly. You also can connect to the complete Dramatica Theory Book online for background material.

Theme Browser: The Theme Browser screen lets you observe how all your story's thematic parts interconnect in one spot. You can focus on one spot of your story, or zoom out to obtain a bird's eye view of your story.

Plot Progression: Dramatica displays the linear act structure of your story's 4 plot points through beginning to middle to conclusion. Each section has 4 plot points; these include signposts showing the way the story will change from Act to Act. You will observe your characters' emotional journeys from one plot point to the next.

Scene Creation: The Story Creation panel is the place you interweave every aspect of your story. You can choose how you need to uncover aspects of character, plot, and theme to your readers as time passes. You can outline how your characters will show up in the story, and assign them to distinct Scenes, Acts, or Chapters. Along the way, Dramatica brings together these components to generate your story's outline, treatment, or plot summary.

Amazing Export for Screenwriter: Users of Movie Magic Screenwriter can import their Dramatica story treatment right into a formatted screenplay script. Your imported file will consist of all character names and information, scene headings, and scene descriptions, formatted instantly!

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