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Dramatica Story Expert software will help you flesh out your story idea, develop a workable plot, create rounded characters, and structure a remarkable story founded on the widely-used Dramatica theory. Referred to as the "Dramatica Theory of Story Structure," it is an analytic modeling method created around a theory called “The Story Mind.” Based on this idea, every story includes a mind of its own: 1) the story’s structure builds its psychology; and 2) the way in which the writer tells his story determines the story's overall personality.

Dramatica Story Expert is the perfect place to start creating your own story. It provides you with an interactive story development environment where you will build your own characters with unique and memorable attributes; develop a dramatic plot with interest, tension, emotion and surprise; weave a universal theme throughout the storyline; and then assemble everything together into connective scenes to structure a solid step outline. The advanced story system will predict portions of your story according to your own decision-making, uncovering many useful story ideas that you can use to strengthen your story.

Flexible Story-Creation and Plot Development

The project overview screen summarizes your story instantly. It allows you to specify the title of your story, who created it (your byline), a logline, and a concise abstract. This screen also displays the 4 major connective links in your story, which reveal 1) the overall message of your story; 2) the desires and motives of the main character; 3) how the main character's actions influence events in the story; and 4) and the emerging relationships in the story. These connective links reveal how your story will transition from Act to Act—and three Acts—your characters' mental journeys from one plot destination to the next.

Advanced Story Development System

The advanced story engine offers you 56 story spots that influences the story's primary story structure. As you decide on unique story ideas, Dramatica's story engine reveals the outcome on the rest of the story elements. By recognizing the key elements of the story, Dramatica will immediately recognize the intended elements that underpin your choices. Instead of struggling to come up with your own workable ideas, you can use Dramatica to reveal more details about your story's dramatics than you can every imagine on your own.

Idea-Generating "Gists"

Dramatica Story Expert features “Gists,” a highly effective new idea-generation tool to help you focus on the optimal framework for your story. The software allows you to modify Dramatica's terms with "gists"—these are concise, detailed key phrases, so that questions adapt to your style of writing and the intended theme of your story.

These short phrases shows one of 148 story structure expressions. For example, “Kidnapping A Person,” “Winning the Sweepstakes,” or “Selling A Person's Treasures” are just 3 of 100s of Gists for the perception of “Obtaining.” The Gists, “Beginning a Riot” or “Eliminating Survivors Randomly” are suggestions of “Chaos.” When you are responding to questions, you can research or browse Dramatica’s pre-identified assortment of more than 12,000-plus Gists. Picking a Gist instantly chooses the root structural idea, which aids in identifying the story’s root controversy. You can also setup your own custom Gists, group them together, share them with other writers, and connect them with structural principles. Gists also generates easy-to-read story outlines and dozens of reports on your story's structure.

In-Depth Character Creation

Look into each character's past, behaviors, manners, and motives. Easily add new characters and modify or delete existing characters to develop the proper harmony for your story. Envision your story characters by browsing through more than 750-plus character profiles and pictures, and then name your characters from a built-in database of 10,000-plus different names.

Assign Character Traits, Mannerisms, Attributes and Characteristics

Use Dramatica to create exciting, detailed, genuine and unforgettable story characters that interest your readers and influence their emotions. Establish the relationships (human, family, romance, work relationships) between your characters. You can designate thematic characteristics to character icons. Examine character interactions and determine how they support or impede each other. Figure out what motivates and inspires your characters and how they will convey the primary motifs of your story.

Theme Browser

Observe how your complete story's thematic parts interlink in one location. Zoom in to deal with one section of your story, or zoom out to view your entire story's structure.

Dramatica Story Expert won't write your story for you—that's your job. To make story-writing and story-telling more enjoyable and less challenging, Dramatica is the only system that responds quickly to your decisions, providing you with personalized guidance and support for developing a sound story structure, formidable characters, and vibrant thematic plots and sub-plots. With the unique Gist functionality you can strongly interact with Dramatica’s exclusive structural questions.

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