The Electronic Writing Course (English Writing) SOFTWARE
INTRODUCING The Electronic Writing Course SOFTWARE

The Electronic Writing Course turns you into a better English writer and editor. Strengthen your writing proficiency at your own speed as the Course guides you through lesson plans, quizzes, exercises and interactive workshops.

The Electronic Writing Course shows you how to:

1) Plan and organize productively
2) Write plainly
3) Write concisely
4) Write properly
5) Edit meticulously

The Electronic Writing Course educates you with authoritative writing strategies. It tackles several writing assignments such as professional letters, documents, business communications, policies, instruction manuals, and email messages. Influenced by coaching programs created for US Federal Government personnel, the Course demonstrates the methods to write clearly and succinctly so readers can comprehend what you are writing.

The Electronic Writing Course is arranged into 9 principal areas:
  1. Introduction
  2. Clear Thinking
  3. Concise Writing
  4. Clear Writing
  5. Correct Writing
  6. Editing Skills
  7. Writing Tips
  8. Writing Tasks
  9. Workshops

1. Introduction

The Introduction discusses ways to use the Course and how to write in Plain Language (consisting of knowing Plain Language Standards). It points out why you need to write naturally and succinctly. It also talks about how you can use StyleWriter to reinforce the exercises in the Course and establish criteria to evaluate the way your writing improves.

2. Clear Thinking

This addresses learning to write clearly by organizing your writing process prior to beginning. It offers the important strategies of writing succinctly: Aim, Audience, Content and Plan.

3. Concise Writing

This section highlights six lackluster writing behaviors that create long-winded sentences. It shows you how to conquer these negative behaviors.

It covers:
  • Sentence length
  • Passive verbs
  • Hidden verbs
  • Wordy phrases
  • Business Clichés
  • Overwriting

This technique to write concisely will help your reader understand your message so he does not wrestle through jargon and nonsense that is typical in basic writing.

4. Clear Writing Style

This section of the Course demonstrates how to write clearly through the use of basic, common words and eliminating jargon and fuzzy writing.

It covers:
  • Complex words
  • Jargon
  • Signpost language
  • Abstract writing
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Foreign Expressions
  • Legal words

5. Correct Writing

This part teaches you proofreading and choosing correct English. You will learn how to prevent mistakes and problems that novice writers make. After finishing this section, you'll recognize what to look for when you write.

It covers:
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct grammar
  • Correct word use

6. Editing Skills

This segment draws together the methods you have studied in the earlier parts of the Writing Course. You'll concentrate on real-world exercises to help you reduce, shorten and fix text examples. Dealing with each sample will strengthen your editing skills.

7. Writing Tips

This segment includes a plethora of writing and editing tips. It talks about how expert editors convert ordinary documents into high-quality readable documents.

8. Writing Tasks

This portion examines the primary proofing and editing skills used when writing and editing various documents.

9. Writing Workshops

The things you've studied in the earlier eight areas now measures your skills in the final section, Writing Workshops. The tutorials educate you on how to edit entire documents—turning the principles that you have learned into effective editing and writing.

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