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Final Draft is the number one bestselling screenwriting formatting software in the U.S. and abroad. It helps aspiring and professional writers format their scripts and screenplays that meet and exceed film/production industry standards. Robust in features, Final Draft simplifies the writing and formatting process. It combines the power of word processing with professional tools and techniques of script formatting. Why stress yourself trying to format your script manually? No need to! Final Draft performs this automatically—it will systematically paginate and format your screenplay as you write and help you produce the next blockbuster!

Use the Scene View and Index Cards to Synch Your Scripts

Like many screenwriters and authors, you most likely hoard many creative concepts in your mind and on snippets of paper as you are crafting your story. Using the Panels function, it is easy to divide your display into individual sections. You can glance at your story pages in one section, while you glance at your on-screen Index Cards or Scene View in the other section. Using the Panels feature, go ahead and analyze dialogue from two scenes next to each other, even though a multitude of pages may separate them. If you need to breakdown each scenario, you can place either the Scene View or Index Cards on one side, and the story on the other side. You can synch the panels by clicking twice on any scene.


Manage ideas and suggestions about elements of your script.

ScriptNotes can gather ideas and comments without showcasing them in story view. Useful pop-up windows store your thoughts, concepts, or story pieces that you've trimmed but don't prefer to throw out. You can keep these notes without consuming space on your display screen. ScriptNotes will show your suggestions on a certain scene whenever you critique your writing buddy's screenplay. You can also print out any ScriptNotes as an analytical report to assist you in further research and critique.

Final Draft comes with a huge selection of templates so that you can begin composing swiftly, Most of these templates are specially made for scriptwriting. In combination with motion picture, TV, and cinema theme-related templates, Final Draft comes with templates for graphic-driven novels, narrative structure, along with themes for outlining, manuscript submission letters, and story treatments. Also you can personalize and store your personal templates.


SmartType recalls and instantly completes names of character, Scene Titles, Transitions, settings, plus more. Just type the initial letters and you will notice that SmartType instantaneously completes the remainder.

Write Better with the Internet Dictionary and Thesaurus Tools

Don't fret about spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. The internal proofing and editing tools offer live automatic-spell check that will also find common capitalization mistakes, and help you choose powerful synonyms.

Revision Mode

As part of Revision function, you can follow and examine all corrections that plague your first version of your draft to your final and edited draft. Final Draft empowers you with the intuitive tools to delete scenes, secure pages in place, and alter your colors.

Utilize your artistic talent to concentrate on the subject matter; and use Final Draft to handle the style, story structure and page format.

Proper Pagination

Final Draft instantly set-ups and paginates your screenplay according to film production standards, such as having Character Name, "More's and Continued's," and Scene Headers and Footers, and "Scene Continued's."

Alternative screenplay applications expect you to understand complex instructions or calculate spaces between lines. Final Draft uses simple keystrokes to simplify the screenwriting process. By using the Tab key and Enter key, you can swap between script components and simple keyboard shortcuts. Press the Command button or Control button (Windows/Mac) to show the designated shortcut buttons for the various story pieces. You can progress swiftly through your screenplay using this method.

Effortlessly summarize and arrange your story sequence and rebuild your screenplay by moving various scenes at once.

Index Cards

The two-sided index cards show a sequence from your story on a single side along with its description on the other side. The Summary View lets you input creative concepts into the onscreen Index Card; for example, your primary outline, comments, arrangement or act indicators, feedback, settings, blocking... whatever you must have to develop and prepare your storyline. Just pick at least one specific Index Card Summary and duplicate the subject matter into the story--the words and phrases will show up following any formerly active text in the story scene.

Color your onscreen Index Cards to better arrange themes, personality arcs, plot points, A and B stories, etc. Pick and change a variety of cards simultaneously if you want to reorder your sequences or print your Index Cards for picturing and coordinating scenes outside the program. Click twice on an index card in the Split Panel View to synchronize the chosen scene with your screenplay.

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