FrameForge Previz Studio SOFTWARE

FrameForge Previz Studio allows you to construct a 3D virtual film production environment on your computer screen using menu-driven and mouse-movement tools to position numerous virtual cameras at any angle, height or location. Each camera mimics a real camera—you have controls to zoom in and out, pan, tilt, and dolly. You can control how much the camera lens spans over a given area, or key in precise numbers for ceiling height to represent your physical equipment that you will use on location.

FrameForge includes more than 1,000 World-Ready™ items and objects that you can move into your 3D environment via a drag-and-drop library. You have every item at your fingertips to construct walls, ceilings, floors, exteriors, interiors, houses, locations, architectural structures, etc. You can browse 100-plus various categories, such as 70-plus entirely posable actors and actresses in 4 nationalities. These actors consist of toddlers, youngsters, young adults to older people. The men and women are from 20 to 60 years old.

FrameForge lets you examine and visualize each camera shot prior to shooting on location, saving you a bundle of money and lots of time. The software can print or export your storyboards with optical-precision, providing your team with a reliable rendering of your film production thought-process. It even adds technical specifics to produce exactly that camera shot on location without guessing.

Create Accurate Shots for Your Film

FrameForge Previz Studio lets you realistically capture and create your film before your eyes as if you were shooting your film on location. You can combine location/equipment restrictions too. Knowing that the space in which you are filming has a 9' ceiling, or you are shooting a scene with a 35-200mm camera lens, you can key these specs into the software and it will create these restrictions for that specific set.

Visually Present Your Ideas with Clarity

You can print out your storyboards in any 15 renderings, either in full color or black-and-white grayscale. You can even look at your camera shots as a slideshow inside the Shot Manager panel. You can export this slideshow as a Flash video or QuickTime video. You can publish the storyboard online for your film staff to evaluate. You can also export just the visuals and then import the file into Final Cut Pro, Keynote or PowerPoint.

You'll Love Working in Full 3D!

You can insert props, characters, and film cameras with accuracy in an overhead Blueprint View, or transition to any camera's view and shift around any item or actor. You can access extra functions, such as tilt, movement, and angle via simple controls. You can import formatted scripts from all popular screenwriting software such as Final Draft and MovieMagic Screenwriter. Once you have imported your file, FrameForge will instantly generate blank sets for each location. You can allocate your saved shots with content in the script on a per-line basis, letting you see what your shot coverage looks like.

Build Your Sets with Easy Drag-and-Drop Precision

Swiftly build virtual sets that offer real life details with elastic snap-together walls. Add movable, easy-to-open double and single doorways that open to a different viewpoint, and windows which you can move and resize. You can assign precise proportions to all walls and ceilings, or construct walls manually, and then review their proportions for constructing a live set.

Add Items and Objects at Street Level

FrameForge includes "floors" (roadways, turf, community intersections, etc), plus many prop and display cars, architectural structures, trees and shrubs, etc. You can add a pre-made panorama for a 360 degree background or shoot a 360 degree view of your physical film location and import it into FrameForge and use it as your virtual set's background.

Manage Your Shots like an Expert

The Shot Manager screen lets you display, arrange, remove and modify all of your saved shots. You can fine-tune a close-up shot, which might have actors, actresses, objects, props and different camera angles. You can insert activity arrows and camera mounting boxes which specify zoom or pans within a shot. You can expand, minimize, change, and tilt these arrows/boxes to produce the look and feel you need.

Hassle-free, User-friendly Interface

FrameForge's Control Room lets you construct your sets, position your cameras, and capture shots for your storyboard. You can then use the Shot Manager to review and rearrange your saved shots, add activity arrows, shot mounting boxes, and extra detailed text. You can run scenes as slideshows with total command over individual shot length.

Real Life Interactions Between Objects

FrameForge includes ready-made interactions between objects. Drag and drop an actor into a recliner or onto a bicycle and he'll instantly sit properly. Or drag a pistol over to his ex-wife and she'll grasp it in her hand. If you dislike the exact posture of an actor, you can alter the actor's bones and joints down to specific fingertips to convey your mental and conceptual motive.

FrameForge Previz Studio SOFTWARE
FrameForge Previz Studio Software

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FrameForge Previz Studio SOFTWARE




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