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LifeJournal is a prize-winning personal journaling software to lend you a hand in writing your most intimate feelings and thoughts. LifeJournal safely records your imaginative, thought-invoking feelings. It has a security feature that keeps your written thoughts and emotions private and protected.

Knowing that LifeJournal adds an extra level of security will put you at ease as you unleash your most personal thoughts. If you are familiar with writing in a hardbound journal, you will have no problem transitioning to LifeJournal. Its intuitive tools improve the journaling activity and lets you picture your thought-processes with prompts, quotations and images.

LifeJournal expertly tracks your well-being or levels of energy, such as hours you've rested or how many miles you've strolled in the park. These improvements to LifeJournal bring a fresh element to digital journal writing.

LifeJournal lets you fully grasp your life by connecting your thoughts and feelings, increasing your overall awareness about yourself. You can browse and evaluate your diary entries by theme, day, journal category and its "Daily Pulse" feature.

You can personalize your journal to develop a unique place write your journal entries. Select color styles, use prompts and quotations to add emotion to your screen, select several scales to track, and much more!

Motivate and inspire yourself with artistic expressions, quotes from authors, and wisdom from experts to discover new viewpoints of your life. This will help your journaling process be regular.

LifeJournal lets you recall your former memories as they arise. Writing thoughtfully about past experiences is an effective process to writing a memoir, a non-fiction story, or a method to record events from your past.

Produce a timeline of your lifetime in words and phrases, illustrations or photos, and sounds and music. Designate ideas to diary entries or brief passages of an entry to find precisely the words that you're seeking.

LifeJournal enables you to synchronize your thoughts and feelings so you can think more deeply and comprehend at deeper stages of awareness. LifeJournal goes past traditional journaling. As soon as you create your first diary entry, you will notice how simple LifeJournal is to use, and you'll realize you are creating more entries automatically!

Journaling Wisdom adds new suggestions and new vitality to your journal writing. Hear leading professionals share their wisdom in personal journaling--within your own journal!

LifeJournal lets you pick several themes to personalize your journal --and you can make your backdrop from photos or other visuals.

Start up sounds: Some of us automatically want to start a journal entry right away when we hear the familiar LifeJournal start-up jingle. If you do not want to hear the start-up sound, or hear a melody from your computer, you can start writing with your own choice of a sound or no sound.

How-to videos guide you in expanding and exploring your journal entries. You can watch the videos inside the program with an internet connection.

LifeJournal's Templates allows you to ask identical questions (such as, "What's the perfect moment of your morning?" "What discouraged you today?" "What made you happy today?") It's a wonderful approach to evaluate your responses as time passes. You can choose standard themes or design your own.

The Timeline lets you show any/all of your journal entries. It also provides enhanced navigation and more convenience. Populate your timeline with Life History diary entries, photos, sound files or video clips, milestone events, and Letters to Someone Else. You can write your life story effortlessly as memories surface. LifeJournal is the ideal companion for capturing your memories.

"Personal History" is a group of prompts to spark your thought-process and help you begin a new journal entry. You can use this feature from the Timeline to begin your journal entry.

You can submit chosen entries instantly to your WordPress website or blog!

Printing from LifeJournal is more dynamic. When you print your journal entries, you can choose to print a Table of Contents. Or, print your Topics List or the Timeline. You can also export your writing into PDF, including file formats for .html, .rtf, and .txt.

LifeJournal Software
LifeJournal Software

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