Company contact information:
Mariner Software, Inc.
401 North 3rd Street #570
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-529-3770
Website: https://www.marinersoftware.com

Mariner Software Inc. is a manufacturer and republisher of world-recognized Mac OS, iOS and Windows products. Founded in 1990, Mariner has proven itself as a leader in the consumer, business and education industries. With loyal customers around the world, Mariner is devoted to providing the very best quality software with a focus on 100 % customer satisfaction.

Mariner Software, Inc. manufactures the following software products:

Persona software
Persona will aid you in the most crucial stage of developing and molding your characters from concept to realization. Persona features 32 character personalities, classified into male and female characters, who serve as heroes and villains.

Contour (story development) Software
Contour software is a valuable tool for every aspiring and professional screenwriter. It is a time-tested story development program that guides you in converting your movie concepts from first story idea to a full outline. Contour uses a fill-in-the-blanks approach and leads you in developing essential elements of your story outline.

StoryMill software
StoryMill software provides you with all of the essential tools to develop your story. It will generate your novel from individual scenes, and then you can arrange and piece together these scenes to build a more solid story. The software offers ample highlighting and annotation tools, plus custom coloring to let you separate your first draft from your finalized manuscript.

Montage screenwriting software
Manufacturer: Mariner Software | Category: Screenwriting Software
Montage software includes everything a screenwriter needs to craft a screenplay with the proper formatting. The software is intended to automatically organize your writing so you can bypass this tedious and complicated process and just focus on the writing.

MacJournal Software
MacJournal is the leading digital journaling software for the Macintosh. As soon as you launch the program, you can begin expressing your thoughts, ideas and experiences. You can create the personal journal of your dreams, complete with powerful features to personalize each journal entry.

WinJournal Software
WinJournal is a feature-rich digitial journaling software to help you record and track both the events and the emotions that you experience throughout your life. With WinJournal you can visually see what you were thinking at that point in time. You'll discover that the journaling process builds more personal appreciation of both your feelings and events in your life.

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