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If you watch a TV program, movie, or a stageplay, it's difficult to determine the way the writer structured the story to make the characters, plot, theme and conflicts work together successfully. But, if you know how a story works, you can see how all of the brilliant elements influence and create a successful screenplay. Every writer can have a story idea, but it's completely different to develop that idea into a screenplay format. Because of Montage, a feature-rich screenwriting program, it is possible to shape your ideas into a successful screenplay.

Screenwriting: Ideas + Words = Art

Screenwriting is a creative writing process of free thinking and methodized storytelling. Writing never restricts you from using your own words, but portions of the screenwriting process need a precise style of formatting—from font style and size, margins and line spacing, from indentations to introducing dialogue. You can have a "smash hit" story idea, but film executives or film distributors will not likely read your screenplay without the proper screenwriting format. Montage, a screenwriting program developed only for the Macintosh, contains the many tools and functions that you need to structure your script based on industry standards.

Montage is Final Draft Compliant

Let's be honest, the alternative screenwriting program, Final Draft, is still the marketplace leader. Some screenwriters dislike moving to a different screenwriting tool because it's complex and overwhelming. Montage makes it simple for you. Montage features an in-built Final Draft importer to help you import your Final Draft screenplays (fdr format only) into Montage and open your script in the Montage format.

In case you write with a writing buddy who must work in Final Draft, then Montage can assist you. Using Montage's user-friendly and stylish interface, you can save your script as a Final Draft file format (.fdr). This is yet another exclusive feature of Montage.

Just Write!—Montage Handles the Hard Work

Montage is made to structure your writing instantly while you write your screenplay. You won't ever need to panic about learning a difficult formatting process. Montage comes with templates for nearly every genre: TV, movie, live theater, stageplay, and so on. These special templates allow you to transfer the framework and format of that movie or film (etc.) to help you observe how other professionals wrote successful screenplays.

View your script from different viewpoints

Montage allows you to review your work from various viewpoints so you're able to discover how the components of your story fit together. Montage provides an array of views such as the Script View, allowing you to see what you are writing page by page. The Outline View displays your script, scene by scene. If you feel a scene is out of position or works better alongside a specific scene, then Montage helps you arrange your script to the way you would like.

Full Screen Mode

Montage's "Full Screen Mode" function keeps you clear of background images, e-mail, icons and many other items on your computer's screen. A mess-free desk will let you consentrate on your writing and improve your productivity.

Now you're all set!

Montage aides you through every phase of screenwriting, including writing a query or pitch letter, crafting a synopsis, and mailing or e-mailing your script, so you aren't left with merely a properly formatted screenplay. Montage consists of a huge selection of trade profesional contacts through Apple's Address Book.

Adaptable Script Scenes

Scenes are the elementary foundations of a script. Each scene not just provides the writing for that scene, but it also includes a title, status, notes, annotations, a listing of characters, locations, and dates. These details, confined in a scene, make it possible to craft a significantly better script because you can narrow down and sort out any scene to develop an outline or strengthen the structure of your story.

Highly-effective Outlining

The live-updating outline is among the key concepts behind Montage. It lets you speedily make changes to your current script. Any time you change a character or location, Montage will change it all through your script. You can even "drag and drop" to re-order scenes.

Screenplay / Story Smart Views

Montage's Smart Views display a view of your script based upon search criteria that you define as opposed to its physical location in your script. Most screenwriting software programs are rigid: a script starts at FADE IN: and advances in a linear format to FADE OUT:. Smart Views effectively

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