Movie Magic Screenwriter is an award-winning movie script formatting software for screenwriters and filmmakers. The Writer's Guild Association (West) prefers MovieMagic's file format over other screenwriting programs. New users can start their first draft in less than 15 minutes. MovieMagic supplies you with numerous pre-formatted templates and easy-accessible tools to guide you in brainstorming story ideas, outlining story scenes, writing, editing, and rewriting your screenplay!

MovieMagic offers the most all-inclusive and versatile features that you will ever find in a screenwriting program, for both motion picture and television. A few of these features include: scene tagging, locking pages and scenes, breaking down sheets, revision tools, production lists, one-liners, plus more!

What Makes Movie Magic Screenwriter the Best Software?

The NaviDoc: This feature allows you to traverse your document with the use of four unique approaches: Outlines, Scenes, Notes, and Bookmarks. The NaviDoc will let you view the first passage or title of scene, or several passages of an element. Use NaviDoc like digital index cards, while still evaluating your story.

Intuitive Outlining: You can personalize MovieMagic's Outlining feature with different typefaces and color styles. You can construct and personalize in-depth outlines. You can reveal or conceal the outline components, outline styles, or outlines that contain a collection of themes or single topics. The Outline Tab allows you to move parts of your script with the mouse.

Screenwriter allows you to reveal or conceal important details within your screenplay. You can print information in place, by itself, or on an adjacent page of your screenplay. Additionally, you can categorize notes, each having its own content material and colored background.

Personalized Document Windows: Screenwriter's View screen is fully designable. For example, you can compose the Document View as an empty window with no icons or rulers, or design a Document View with a full range of toolbars, icons, and shortcut-keys to write faster and easier.

Import Documents and other Scripts: MovieMagic handles a wide range of import and export file formats. You can import documents from other word processing programs and MovieMagic will automatically format the imported file.

Writing a Screenplay is Faster and Easier

Press the "Tab" button and "Enter" button to jump from various areas of your script, such as Dialogue, Characters, Drama, and so forth. As you compose your script, MovieMagic automatically takes care of the many headaches of formatting your script based on strict industry standards.

Integrated Outlining

Movie Magic Screenwriter 's Outline feature creates outlines up to 30 tiers deep. You can use Screenwriter's training templates—like the template for traditional movie structure—and analyze its complete outline of story and script structure.

Use the NaviDoc Scenes panel to locate and advance to any area in your story. You can organize scenarios by several conditions without impacting the story.

Your Own Writing Assistant

Start typing a character's name, location, scene, or Act, and MovieMagic will automatically complete it so you do not have to type the full name or phrase.

Slap a digital "post-it" note to any updates, casting ideas, and research issues. The NaviDoc Note screen lets you arrange, find, revise, and print your story notes. You can conceal or reveal your notes, or print them individually in a report. You can also make many unique, custom-colored note styles.

Discuss and Synchronize Your Ideas

Edit and revise your script and arrange sequences on digital index cards with Screenwriter's index card system. As you construct your story, it's easy to create and edit scenes, characters, dialogue and plots on empty index cards. You can mix up the scenes as you flesh out your story. Screenwriter will reformat and re-number your scenes for you.

A Fully-Functional Word Processor

More than a formatting software, MovieMagic is also a fully functional word processor. It provides a dictionary, thesaurus, spell-check with auto-correction, and help with foreign characters.

Text-To-Speech Support

Screenwriter's Text-to-Speech function mimics a live story reading. You can designate distinct female and male voices to various characters, or switch off the voice for your character and the program will instantly stop the dialogue, allowing you to perform along with the script.

Proofreading and Editing Features

MoveMagic's SmartCheck analyzes your whole script, searching for and repairing the most typical typing, layout and editing blunders. You will never need to reprint your screenplay to correct mistakes, such as additional blank lines or repeated character names.

Import Previously-Written Material

Screenwriter can import and export nearly any written text file (e.g. .rtf, .doc., docx., etc.). It can import movie scripts developed in other writing programs. Since MovieMagic imports by using context detection, the script is much more exact than what other scriptwriting applications can do.

Real-Time Collaboration

iPartner Internet Collaboration enables you and your writing buddy to collaborate on a screenplay online in real-time. You can watch your partner working on the script from your computer. The iPartner function also provides real-time text messaging and online chat capabilities.

Create Believable and Unique Character Names

MovieMagic lets you connect to NameBank's large repository of male and female names and last names to help you develop original character names.

Free Templates Included

MovieMagic comes with pre-formatted Television Templates with proper margins, story styles, Acts, location lists, and character details for simple single-key entry. You can import 85-plus popular sitcoms, dramas, and episodic shows.

Movie Magic Screenwriter software

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