Outline 4D is a robust, spontaneous method of outlining, organizing and showcasing your ideas, particularly for stories! Outline 4D helps you brainstorm, develop, design and manager your thoughts and ideas. Outline 4D offers you both a standard vertical outline structure and timeline in a horizontal structure that supersedes index cards, idea blocks, and common outlining programs.

Outline 4D has unrestricted room to support your substantial ideas. The application facilitates how you research and organize your writing; aids you in visualizing your story and outline composition; and quickens the means of thinking and story development. You can make digital index cards that include infinite text, from a handful of words to thousands of pages.

Outline 4D's robust Outline View helps you plan your ideas effortlessly. Or use the program's Timeline View to view a conceptual feel of your outline. The Tracking Tool lets you record all aspects of your story or project,, It also illustrates associations between incidents and characters, objects or significant words, exposing the tempos and styles of your story promptly.

Powerful Outliner

Outline 4D's Outline runs on the typical word processor interface. It enables you to write as you would in a common word processor, but with the freedom of having a dynamic outliner. 4D Outline consider every bulleted-point as an Event in the outline. You can insert and dispose of events, revise them, raise or reduce their status, shift them throughout the outline, and select to conceal or reveal components of your outline.

Discover How Each And Every Part Fits Together

Outline 4D helps you develop the components of your writing project and place each one on a timeline. You can check out what activities structure your project, in addition to the length of time each activity consumes. For illustration, Outline 4D displays the number of minutes (projects, film, TV) or the number of pages (books, novels, other stories) that every activity spans. You can move out for a eye-catching vista view of your whole project or zero in on the littlest elements.

For those who have impulsive ideas and musings, you can put them at any position in your project's timeline, even though you have no idea what event occurs prior to or after! Outline 4D provides the versatility to create the foundations of your project in a random or a cleverly thought-out sequence.

Unlimited Room for your Vast Ideas

You can produce digital index cards that include endless text. Your color-coded index cards can vary from a handful of words as many as 100s of pages. You can quickly adjust, modify, and piece together index cards, in spite of how long you make them.

Visualize and Summarize Employing Any Structuring Technique

Outline 4D's hierarchies of arrangement let you plan your project from the most common thoughts and zeroing down to the tiniest details. Outline 4E allows you to change stages, tracks, and event names, which makes it easy to adopt the techniques of your preferred writing teacher. To create your project, you can construct your own layouts, or use many of the custom-made templates that accompany Outline 4D.

Record Crucial Elements of your Project

You can creatively track the data in your project, most notably people, locations, criteria, ideas--practically whatever you desire. Outline 4D can lookup your project for certain keywords and create connections instantly as you write.

Click the mouse button and Outline 4D will highlight parts of your project that are linked to chosen tracks. You can immediately notice where particular items or ideas take place in your project.

Print an Amazing Map of your Project

Outline 4D allows you to print wall-sized maps of your project. You choose the selection of pages you would like your project to fit -- from one sheet to several sheets, showing the timeline of your complete project. You can print your project's timeline on a sizeable, uninterrupted piece of paper using a large layout printer (offered at many copy centers). Certainly, Outline 4D also prints regular reports that reveal the text of your project in regular outline structure.

Hook up to other Powerful Writing Tools

Outline 4D is made to utilize Ms Word, and other Write Brothers software: Dramatica Pro, Dramatica Writer's DreamKit, and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Dramatica owners can easily import a Dramatica project file, making the original writing, illustrating and blending of your project a breeze!

For the film writer or storyteller, Outline 4D will handle the elements of your project and export everything to Movie Magic Screenwriter, the most robust screenwriting program. In seconds your screenplay is instantly paginated based on expert movie script specifications, prepared to print out and deliver to your audience of readers.

Outline 4D

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