Power Writer CREATIVE WRITING software

Power Writer™ is the foremost word processor for creative writers. It combines Outlining and Story Creation tools for you to compose your story as a single uninterrupted process of storytelling, from your initial concept to finishing a complete manuscript.

Power Writer draws on Power Structure's story improvement principles and techniques. The distinction is Power Writer stresses far more on the manuscript, letting you produce any type of writing, such as a concise story or a comprehensive work of fiction or non-fiction. Power Writer's intuitive collection of tools makes it easier to form outlines, notes, concepts, character arcs, and many other story elements. You have these tools on hand as you create and revise to help you concentrate strictly on your writing.

Power Writer™ is an innovative software for the imaginative writer, one which carries you from initial thought to finished manuscript as one consistent act of development. Power Writer removes the limit between story creation and story writing by introducing both outlining and creation tools straight into the word processor. What this implies to you is that the details (story elements) of your outline and story progression constantly stay current and practical, even over the most challenging rewrite.

The Unity of Organizing and Creating

Power Writer's distinctive workplace on your monitor lets you leap from outline to story, from analysis to character building. You can return to your story at any time with a mouse click. Forget about intangible notes, dumped outlines, and shapeless scenes. Using Power Writer you have everything in front of you. You can also conceal Power Writer's tools with a mouse click so it does not inflict on the movement of your writing.

Power Writer™ User interface

Power Writer is designed to meet your needs, not the opposite. A common, recognizable interface means you can step in and learn how to utilize the program quickly. The strength of the program allows you to truly make the process as your own: with moveable toolbars, user personalized keystrokes, a strong built-in Macro technology, plus much more.

Power Writer's standard Word Processing screen looks similar to the common word processing display. Yet, concealed on the left and bottom of the main screen you can find the Outline View and Story Tools screens, which you can slide using a simple mouse click or control-keys.

How is Power Writer™ superior to your current word processor?

User friendly — Power Writer doesn't act as everything to everyone just like most current word processors such as Microsoft® Word. Therefore PowerWriter enables you to devote time to writing, not struggling with it.

Handle your entire story needs

Power Writer is built to tackle everything from a short story to a large multi-chapter novel. Power Writer holds your complete notes, research, internet resources plus more in a single document.

Highly effective outlining

PowerWriter features built-in Outlining that actively remains in synch with your story as you compose and edit. This provides you with the power to lean back and look at your story from a structural viewpoint, permitting you to see each individual aspect of your story.

Bundled Story Improvement Tools

Power Writer offers beyond first-rate word processing potential; it provides you with the resources to guide you in applying your own skills as an author to maintain your story's focus. Story Tools stats are always synchronized to the story, to ensure from anywhere in your writing you can think about useful concerns about how that point in time is evolving your story, instructing your characters, or figuring out difficult issues. Or rely on them to build larger themes, Acts and Character arcs or monitor an infinite variety of "Must Accomplish Items."

Entirely editable Outline View

You can rebuild your story within the Outline View and Power Writer will instantly synch your story to comply to the updates. Three types of Notes deal with your research and rewriting needs: Use Global Notes for simple story research, and Embedded Notes for on-screen alerts, and Referenced Notes to research a certain part of text that will pop-up the words whenever you place your mouse cursor over it.

On-screen Dictionary

PowerWriter integrates word definitions into a Thesaurus. The spellcheck will provide suggestions in real-time. It also auto-underlines misspelled words and phrases.

Built-in Character Name Bank contains 1000s of character names, categorized by male, female, and names of families. Power Writer's Outline View is usually concealed. You can move out the Outline View by pressing the drag bar on the far left side of the screen.

Add New Items by just pressing the buttons tagged NEW... after which you can type in your new text. PowerWriter will add it both here and in the principal word processing (manuscript) frame instantly!

Reorder Items with a quick drag and drop—and the matching text is instantly reordered for you in the manuscript window! Traverse to any element in the manuscript window by double-clicking on it in the Outline View. Similar to the Outline View, Power Writer's Story Tools stay concealed until you want them. Simply click on the bottom drag bar and it moves higher, ready to use it. With six available areas (General Story, Acts, Chapters, etc.), you can connect to your entire story data at your fingertips.

Simplicity with other programs

Power Writer works with cut & paste from any other Windows applications, and can read and write RTF (Rich Text Format) files made by any program, such as all the popular word processor: Microsoft® Word, Corel® WordPerfect and all popular scriptwriting programs like Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft.

Easy to learn

Power Writer begins with some relatively common terms like Character Arcs and Story Themes, but if you need, you can fully customize the language it uses to the types you use. Modify Antagonist to Obstacle Character, Plot Point to Story Beat or anything else you may prefer.

Power Writer doesn't promote a particular principle of storytelling or dramatic structure—what it can do, is supply you with the tools to work with any theory or technique of storytelling. Power Writer is built to be thoroughly versatile. It aids you in working your way... but it enables you to do it in an organized, user-friendly story creation atmosphere.

Power Writer CREATIVE WRITING software
PowerWriter Software

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