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INTRODUCING Reel Production Calendar (film production) SOFTWARE

Now you can handle all elements of film, movie, video, TV, and commercial scheduling with the Reel Production Calendar software.

One of the most challenging and substantial roles of developing a film or movie is the continual process of deciding how you want to execute your film's production. You have the completed screenplay; you've chose your locations; you've hired the staffing crew; and the film is now ready for you to produce. All of these tasks demand elaborate scheduling that will help you organize the production of your film from day one. Scheduling involves pre-production up to editing during active production, including some post-production editing. Using Reel Production Calendar software will help you synchronize all locations, crew, actors and actresses, and outsourced staff for each day of production.

Quickly Design and Arrange:

Quickly set up and organize your entire production-related activities, errands and reminders. Make your own unique folder directory and manage important production details such as places, filming days, staff appointments, etc. and store independent from office or private activities.

Automatic Expand Events and Views:

Many scheduling software struggle to manage the quantity of activities that even low-budget filmmakers must track. Reel Production can easily control the larger sized scheduling demands of productions. It will instantly adapt the scale of events and viewable windows to allow for the maximum amount of text or events on your screen.

In-Depth Schedule Views:

Reel Production provides thirteen views to display and print information, along with special views absent from other scheduling/calendar software.

Publish Your Calendars on the Internet:

You can easily distribute any part of your schedule or calendar as a website page, allowing production staff in any location in the world to view your calendar. Don't worry, you can password-protect it. Publish web-based calendars complete with links to data files, information, visuals and in depth comments. You also have the option to publish your calendar as a .pdf file for easy distribution.

Clever and Quick Scheduling:

Coordinate days off, weeks off, or vacations or breaks. When you schedule events, you have the option to routinely bypass days off. Whenever you change the schedule, you will notice that "days off" are instantly omitted, allowing your schedule to stay correct.

Keep Track of Information During Production:

For any resource, you can add a single item that you must follow and then program it on specific days or on as many days as you require. You can do the same with locations. Easily find the resource in your calendar, no matter where it is hidden. Organize several locations, departments or even shows alongside each other or quickly swap between them.

Unique Zoom In and Out Feature:

Use the software's special scalable day view that lets you zoom from one day to one hour. View in-depth breakdowns per day and program events by minutes, hour, or day.

Add In-Depth Notes:

You can add in-depth information with rich text style to any day of the week or occasion. Insert details about destinations, work schedules, activities, meetings, contact info or personal guidelines. Include one-of-a-kind notes to each and every event or add a pre-scheduled note that will only show when the event occurs.

Easily Manage Changes and Conflicts in Schedule:

The software will manage the sudden changes that film producers experience. If you need to alter the schedule, the software lets you move a whole calendar, a section of the calendar, or a group of events organized by days, weeks, months or years.

Weekly Auto Count Feature:

The weekly count function shows the number of weeks that you've worked and displays this data in the calendar. This function is an asset for following pre weeks, shoot weeks, post weeks, director edit weeks, rentals, staff trips, etc..

Customize Your Own Calendar:

You have full command over row position of activities, typeface, color, layout, etc. Design the appearance, size and layout of events to create the calendar that you want.

Quickly Find Every Event:

Do you have trouble remembering when a new crew person starts or where a new location starts? Easily find events using the shortcuts "Find" and "Go To" to move to that event in your calendar. You can also browse through each instance of any event in the schedule.

Production Alerts:

Quickly create reminders and alerts for specific occasions or for general occasions, including hours, days, weeks or months before or after the event takes place. View a directory of all upcoming (and expired) reminders. You can also insert in-depth notes to each reminder.

Pre-Ready Templates:

You have access to numerous templates consisting of popular production items, like staff, crew, production periods, locations, holidays, etc. Bypass the tedious typing, and use a template to get things started immediately. Modify any template to satisfy your requirements and then save your custom template for future use.

Reel Production Calendar Software
Reel Production Calendar Software

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Reel Production Calendar SOFTWARE
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