SCRIVENER (story writing) SOFTWARE

Scrivener is a feature-rich content-generation software tool (Windows/Macintosh) for writers. It lets you focus on writing and structuring lengthy and complicated manuscripts. Not only does it offer you complete mastery over formatting, it also assists in completing your important preliminary draft.

Scrivener performs a vital part in every phase of your writing, regardless of what you choose to create—a book, short story, article, screenplay, academic paper, or any lengthy document. Among Scrivener's numerous functions is assisting you in gathering essential research, organizing half-formed ideas, and shuffling index cards to reveal that evasive structure.

As a dynamic word processor and a robust organizing tool to manage your writing projects, Scrivener remains at your side from your principal concept right through to your finished first draft. Scrivener does not interrupt your creative writing flow or force you to write in a specific style—its strength and purpose is to bring together all of the essential writer's tools into one application. Scrivener's productive tools will let you define and organize your thoughts and concepts; take notes and store important information; edit, revise and update passages of your writing; format and layout your text correctly; examine your research right beside your text; and prepare the crucial components of your written text in seclusion—or in context for better interpretation of your research.

The left panel of the screen (called the "binder") lets you traverse the various areas of your document, your notes and snippets of information, and research content. You can dissect your content into digestible chunks of material, eliminating the tedious task of wrestling your way through a long-form manuscript. You can quickly rebuild your manuscript by moving your mouse. You can pick a completed document to change a part of it in seclusion, or you can use the "Scrivenings" function to work on various sections as if one continuous document. You can swap between working on the particulars of your material or shift your vantagepoint to broaden your viewpoint on your entire material.

You can combine tables, summary sentences, visuals and rate your text with remarks and footnotes. Working with the format toolbar at the top of the page, you can structure your document as you work on it, or select a typeface for your text and make Scrivener restructure your document after you're finished.

Scrivener puts everything you need for structuring, writing and editing long documents at your fingertips.

Whenever you write long-long form content in any word processor, it enforces a specific format, whether you are writing a report, article or a thesis. All word processors force you to begin on the first page and keep on typing until you get to the end. Scrivener lets you write in any sequence, and lets you use its toolset to organize and outline your text. In Scrivener, you can enter a summary for any document on a digital index card; you can then collect and mix the index cards using the virtual corkboard until you are happy with your document's structure. Use the Outliner to plan out your material and use the Synopses function to add prompts as you write. Or you can decide to create an entire preliminary draft and arrange it on the virtual outliner or corkboard. You can set up a series of manuscripts to examine, and you can proof and copy edit corresponding text without moving its location in the whole draft. Moreover, you can tag and track linked documents or label unfinished sections of your manuscript.

Never Lose Sight of Your Research

You can safely store your entire background information—visuals, PDF files, videos, webpages, mp3 files—directly inside of Scrivener. You have the option to divide the editing screen to display research in one panel as you write your content next to a different panel. You can display additional information in hovering QuickReference panels. Without ever leaving your document, you can transcribe audio or video text, place notes on a picture or piece of content, or return to a different chapter.

No more switching between multiple applications to refer to research files

Compile Your First Draft Into One Document

Scrivener helps you to completely prepare your document/manuscript for submission. Print out your novel by selecting the standard format for a book manuscript. You can also print out an academic-style paper (such as a term paper, thesis or dissertation) in a common writing style such as Chicago Manual of Style, APA Style or MLA Style. When you are done with your manuscript, you can export it to a popular file format, such as Microsoft Word, .RTF, .PDF and .HTML. If you composed a screenplay in Scrivener, you can export your synopses and script notes to Final Draft software. If you wrote a book or novel in Scrivener, you can export it into ePub or Kindle* formats to self-publish your book to Kindle or Nook.

Specific tools for Writing Non-Fiction Material

Scrivener is multi-functional, serving multi-purposes. It is not just for writing novels, long stories, or other genres of fiction. It has many valuable academic templates for creating research papers, essays, term papers and dissertations in common style types, such as Chicago Manual of Style, APA Style and MLA Style papers, Undergrad English essay format, along with standard non-fiction, technical/trade writing, and research documents. You can include your preferred bibliography software into Scrivener to connect to your archives of pre-ready references.

Write Your Next Hollywood Smash Hit Movie

Although Scrivener is not designed to replace your screenwriting software, it does include common scriptwriting functions to format a screenplay. You can write your screenplay in Scrivener while using its versatile research and layout tools and then export it to Final Draft software. Furthermore, you can blend screenplay formatting with standard text to create your treatments more easily.

SCRIVENER (story writing) SOFTWARE
Scrivener software

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