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Are you looking to create submission-ready stories and screenplays? We recommend Storyist—a robust word processor and outlining tool to assist you in composing your upcoming story or script. The story creation tools in Storyist allow you to flesh out the story of your dreams using index cards and images; you can then perfect it with tailor-made story elements, such as plot, characters, and settings. If you prefer a more conventional method, Storyist will handle your story components in an outline structure.

Organize and Maintain Consistency of Your Writing

Storyist's "Project View" arranges and organizes your stories, film scripts, novels, and other writing-related projects. With a mouse click, you can view everything on a single screen. You can quickly locate what you want in your story with the software's in-built search.

Storyist gives you:

1. A feature-rich word processor with assistance for headers, margins, footers, and styles.
2. Page structure view can handle 2-plus and double pages.
3. Storyist can format your story or script with its Quick Styles and Smart Text functions.
4. Use Text Inspector for fast touch-ups of layout, formatting, page settings, and styles.
5. Help for comments and bookmarks.
6. Automator Action-based text extensions that expand Storyist's functionality.

Storyist's Story Creation Tools Feature:

1. Corkboard for photos and index cards.

2. Collage view to envision the connections between your story components.

3. Adaptable, color-coding outliner.

4. Custom-made storyline, character, and setting sheets

Storyist's Project Manager

1. Project view to have all your writing structured and available.

2. Import and export support for popular file formats, including RTF, .doc, .docx, Final Draft, and more.

3. A project trash helps you keep "discarded" items available until you're certain you won't need them any longer.

4. Automatic workflow support to manage scheduled import and export duties like smart quote conversion and style substitution.

Manuscript Formatting and Layout

Storyist layouts both a story manuscript or a screenplay in an industry-standard submission format. Storyist also includes a screenplay template and offers some robust formatting functions to put your concepts on the page.

Quick Styles

Besides the instant formatting, Storyist helps you alter between regular screenplay components with the Tab and Return shortcut keys. You can even assign key counterparts for all of the styles in your screenplay. This lets you concentrate on the real work--producing a superior story.

Smart Text (and Trendy Too!)

As you type, Storyist gathers information about scene, setting, events, times, characters, etc., and auto-completes them for you when necessary.

Page Structure and Layout

Storyist offers a robust Page Layout window where it keeps your text in view.

1. Look at the page layout in one-up or two-up mode.

2. Specify header, footer, and body text margins.

3. Identify reproduced pages with distinct headers and footers on each page.

Style Editor

Storyist templates offers designs for frequent manuscript layouts, but also provides the freedom to design your own template. Aided by the built-in style editor, Storyist helps you personalize your manuscript to represent your individual preferences.


Do you begin a new project by composing an outline? Prefer to outline an active manuscript or screenplay to have an improved knowledge of the composition? Storyist supplies a versatile outlining tool that lets you easily obtain a viewpoint of your story.


Sometimes you'd like to add a visual to a character name or a story scene. Storyist helps you shape your story or script with visuals from your selection of photos or from online resources.

It's also possible to look at, change, and organize specific points of your plot on index cards. You can arrange your index cards on a "virtual" cork board.

Story Sheets

You can edit Story Sheets which have been adapted for story writing. They are utilized to record details about different facets of a story; for example, a character's age. Storyist includes Story Sheets for plot, character-building, setting and scenes, and story segments. You can customize Story Sheets to seize the material you wish to grab.

Search Your Entire Writing Project

As you evolve your story, the page count increases, and also grows your assortment of notes regarding your story—plot hints, character information, setting remarks, and more. With Storyist, you can locate what you've crafted at any given time. The search field, seen always in the toolbar, helps you identify the data you need. No more will you interupt your thought process because you stopped to verify a fact.

Story Link-Building

Your story notes become more priceless when you identify the connections between them with links. If you alter the title of a journal entry, Storyist automatically modifies the headings of any links. If you shift a plot point to a different segment, Storyist will adjust the plot point links correctly.

Storyist utilizes a basic Wiki link layout for simple creation of links relating to the notes.

Project Organizer

The Project organizer retains your entire story structure. A single click brings up your document, a story sheet, or a free-form journal entry. The Project organizer will let you include, eliminate, and change story segments.

Story Templates

Tap into Storyist's many templates to help you begin your project immediately. You can also produce your own templates to use for other stories or projects.

Import and Export

Storyist can import and export these file formats:
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • HTML
  • Text Only
  • Final Draft (.fdx and .fcf)
  • Open Office (.odt) - Leopard Only
  • Microsoft Word (.docx) - Leopard Only
And that's not all.

When adding or transferring files, Storyist offers extra tools to systemize recurring mundane tasks such as switching from smart quotes, swapping italics to underlining, and revising text.

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Storyist software

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