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INTRODUCING StyleEase for MLA Style (paper formatting) SOFTWARE

StyleEase for MLA Style makes formatting your paper and references in MLA Style a breeze because it does all of the difficult tasks for you. StyleEase will make sure your paper meets the strict standards of MLA Style, referred to as the Modern Language Association style (7th edition).

StyleEase is an add-on application that installs directly into Microsoft Word. It is compatible with Windows and Macintosh platforms. Its innovative formatting technology ensures that your paper, references and pages are 100% MLA Style accurate and complete.

The software features a number of templates for setting up your paper to write in MLA style. The software supplies templates for:

1) MLA Style Paper: to help you write and format a general article, journal article, academic article, or other type of paper;

2) MLA Style Dissertation: to help you write and format a dissertation paper;

3) MLA Style Term Paper: to help you write and format a term paper); and

4) MLA Style Thesis: to help you write and format a thesis paper or a master's thesis paper.

Each template features a various formatting guidelines. StyleEase automatically formats your documents, according to your chosen format and type of document.

StyleEase for MLA Style helps you to quickly and reliably format your papers and references matching the latest style guidelines of Modern Language Association style, 7th Edition.

Working in conjunction with MS-Word, StyleEase for MLA Style is the easiest and quickest way to create, insert, organize and format your MLA reference entries and citations—all in the correct form.

Beginning a New MLA Style Paper

You can set up an endless amount of papers with StyleEase. From high school book documents to a doctorate thesis paper or dissertation, use StyleEase for all of your educational work. Begin new papers from the Start menu (in Windows) or from the Mac Word Project Gallery.

The Document Setup display screen lets you select the proper paper style as well as necessary parts, such as style of paper, title details, and pages that you need to include in your paper.

Format Your Paper as You Type

As you are typing your paper, you can automatically format the text according to MLA Style. When you need to alter a section, reference, or heading, you can click in that section and apply a different style. Each style includes specific formatting guidelines to help you. When you use a style to format a paragraph, its formatting adjusts to correspond with those guidelines, including spacing, margin sizes, and typeface, etc. Oftentimes, StyleEase instantly uses the proper style as you type. Additionally, when you need to add a new header, you can click on the current paragraph to apply the style change.

Adding MLA Style References and Citations

You can easily add a reference entry and in-text citations, all of which StyleEase properly formats in MLA Style. Simply pick from the extensive number of reference styles. Just complete the necessary fields, and StyleEase will add a correctly formatted reference list.

The most tricky tasks in writing and formatting academic papers is knowing how to cite references. StyleEase makes the process easy by displaying a navigation of reference types. Just pick the reference you need to add to your paper, and complete the necessary information. StyleEase will then: 1) accurately format the reference; 2) place the reference into your References list; 3) insert a citation into the precise spot of your paper; 4) save the reference to StyleEase's in-built database, allowing you to apply the reference again without needing to type in any information.

Cite Past MLA Sources Instantly

StyleEase lets you quickly place an in-text citation to an recent reference, for instance (King, 2013), without the need to type in any information. The StyleEase reference databank saves all of your references to use again. Whenever you to need to cite a prior work, create bibliographic information, or use the same reference in future documents, just click the database browser.

Adding New MLA Style Elements and Pages

To add new sections or elements to your paper (such as a table or figures), you can click on the drop-down menu list in the StyleEase menu. You can then add new pages and sections with one click.

When you generate a new StyleEase paper, you can choose the special sections to add to your paper, such as an abstract page, an appendix, or a table of contents. StyleEase also offers you special shortcuts to add a figure, an image, or a table.

Reviewing and Printing Your Paper

When you need to print a draft of your paper, StyleEase will pop up a Printing screen and assist you in finalizing your paper. StyleEase will automatically sort your references, produce your table of contents, generate your list of figures and tables, and update all remaining MLA Style elements. Now you are ready to print out your paper.

StyleEase for MLA Style is the software of choice for students in psychology, sociology, nursing, business, theology, history, education, military studies, criminal justice and other disciplines. StyleEase for MLA Style is used at thousands of schools, including AIU, Capella, Columbia, Kaplan, Nova, SWBTS, Texas A&M, Trinity, U of Phoenix, Walden, and many, many more. StyleEase LLC makes versions for APA style, Chicago Style, Turabian Style, and MLA Style.

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