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What do you want to achieve with your writing? Do you desire to:

1) Create a superb short story or article that an editor or publisher accepts for publication?

2) Create a novel, step-by-step, page-by-page, instructed by a writing consultant and teacher who has critiqued, edited and assisted world-renowned writers and authors?

3) Perhaps you want to feel the enjoyment and excitement of releasing the creativity within you?

If you answered one or all of the above questions, then it's obvious you have a passion to write and to transform your invisible thoughts and ideas into tangible concepts. Whatever your profession is or your degree of education or skill, you can become a successful creative writer that readers and critics will highly praise.

WritePro® has been used productively by thousands of writers and authors across the U.S. as well as internationally in 38 countries. This recently-updated version of WritePro® is a versatile story-development software for creative writers. The creator, master storyteller and writer Sol Stein, guides you each step of the way in developing fascinating characters; suspenseful, dramatic plots; and engaging, sizzling dialogue. The software removes writer's block entirely and shows evidence of your growth in applying newly-learned skills and techniques every time you use the software.

The developer of WritePro®, Sol Stein, has received many awards as a writer and author. Besides editing some of the most popular authors of our time, Sol Stein is also the author of 9 novels, as well as the author of nonfiction books, TV dramas, and screenplays.

His software, WritePro®, uses the leading method for learning: each time you learn a new technique to improve your writing and story-telling, you apply it and use it in WritePro. It is inspiring and motivating to see proof of your progress on your computer screen, in your unique writing style, in a few minutes of using the software.

WritePro® teaches you remarkable approaches to formulate simple and complex plots from your heroes and heroines, and story characters. Other creative writing programs force you to begin with a plot, which in turn creates tedious, monotonous, dull writing.

WritePro® features "The Dialogue Doctor™" — a learning tool that reveals how to transform run-of-the-mill dialogue into engaging dialogue that jumps off the page and grabs your reader's attention. You'll find out how professional writers create action that stirs emotions, and dialogue that captures readers' attention. You'll discover how to write a successful story by applying and mastering self-editing techniques that professional writers and authors use and recommend.

What You Will Learn in Lessons 1 - 4:

You will quickly discover the expert methods of creating dramatic conflict in your story and between characters. You'll discover ways to create and increase conceptual tension. You will learn how to add surprise successfully. You'll learn how to devise suspense that hooks the reader and send chills down his spine.

What You Will Learn in Lessons 5 - 7:

You'll learn how to craft attention-grabbing dialogue between characters, including right way to implement dialogue in your storyline. Sol Stein will offer you methods that published writers, authors and screenwriters use; for example, how to build the foundation of thrilling action, and how to devise relationships that induce suspense. You'll learn to create conceivable romantic scenarios that are lusty but not pungent.

What You Will Learn in Lessons 8 - 10:

Sol Stein will reveal to you the best approach for outlining and organizing your story, novel, screenplay, etc. You'll discover how creating memorable characters can influence readers to love them and feel their triumphs and failures. You'll uncover tried and tested techniques to stir up highly effective emotions and thoughts from the reader. You'll learn expert methodologies for controlling the reader's interest to the final page. Throughout your story-building, you can access WritePro's unique 180-plus principles that have made it easier for veteran writers to triumph. Furthermore, you'll benefit from WritePro's time-saving techniques of revising your work, saving you month's of precious time.

Video tutorials coming soon!

WritePro software
WritePro Software

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